National Documentary Short Film Festival

National Documentary Short Film Festival (NDSF) is designed to develop a culture of cinema and to carve a niche for documentaries on a national scale to deal with the questions of society, democracy, environment and art. The emerging role of documentaries and short films in the making of a distinct and politically lauded visual sensibility is the inspiration in developing this project. This alternative premise attempts to connect to the larger frames of spectatorship and cultural practices.

National Documentary Short Film Festival (NDSF) offers a unique approach to documentaries and short films as alternative visual formats and radical and experimental manifestation of cultural practices.

Documentaries and short films have carved their own niche by employing revolutionary modes of visualisation, novel motif and themes, and greater sense of political correctness. They surpass the mainstream popular cinema in every aspect of the production such as technology, aesthetics and conviction to the medium. The questions such as how documentaries and short films unsettle the terrains of mainstream entertainment cinema and how alternative sensibility and spectatorship can be evinced on the context of extreme mediatisation will be raised emphatically in The National Documentary Short Film Festival 2021.

NDSF 2021 Crew

Dr. C. S. Biju

Festival Director

Vishnu Ravi

Creative Director

Krishna Krishnakumar

Creative Director

Jomon George

Technical Coordinator

Ajay Krishnan

Assoc. Festival Director

Sreerag S.Kumar

Media & Design

Jaffrin Jacob


Joseph George

PR & Marketing